About Us - Design-Build

 Created for the sole purpose of executing steel design-build projects. Premier ECM manages the entire delivery process associated with Steel design-build projects from the early planning phases to conceptual engineering, preliminary and detailed design phases, through procurement of materials, equipment, fabrication & installation. We accomplish all this with a totally integrated team working to achieve the same project goals and objectives.The success of our integrated Steel Design-Build Team is  a direct result of the continuity we enjoy amoung our engineering and fabricating professionals.  

Our people understand that during the course of the entire delivery process, engineers and steel fabricators must work hand-in-hand if we are to meet the clients' expectations and deliver on time and on budget. This ongoing relationship among our professionals from project to project creates and environment where the entire team begins to think as "one" mindset, or "Third Culture," is the key to our success. Whether there is a lump sum contract or a cost reimbursable plus fixed fee, T&M or any combination in between, Premier ECM is prepared to meet your needs.