Steel Fabricator

Premier ECM is a full-service commercial steel contractor that provides traditional construction services under negotiated or competitive bidding arrangements based on plans and specifications submitted by GC or owners. The bid, whether negotiated or competitive, can be fixed or cost-plus. This traditional form of contracting is standard when the design and planning phases of a project have been completed by the GC, owner and architect/designer.  

First and foremost, we are steel builders. New ideas and the ability to perform fast and flexibly in this traditional construction process allows us to remain competitive. We provide an exceptional value for our clients by utilizing new and pioneering methods.  The traditional approach involves a truly competitive mindset. We feel that educated cost estimating requires experts dedicated to the trade, so Premier ECM retains a highly experienced estimating department to advantage ourselves in this market. Our field personnel have tremendous depth and knowledge in delivering quality projects under this methodology on a timely basis.  For More Information or Estimate Please Call Us.


Steel Erection

At Premier ECM, we constantly strive to find innovative and effective ways to improve our steel erection service while maintaining a 'safety-first' posture. Erecting structural steel is not a job for amateurs. As heights get taller, weights get heavier, and buildings get more complex, precision and safety concerns increase. You want the structural steel erection professionals on your team. Offering in-house steel erection services allows our team to be intimately acquainted with all specifications of our project from the very beginning. It speeds communication, reduces miscommunication and eliminates the need to bring in a costly subcontractor.


Industrial Steel Contractor

Premier ECM provides total industrial support for any shutdown, routine maintenance, or project activity.  Premier ECM will deliver the manpower and equipment needed to successfully execute all of your project requirements.  Our wide array of crafts can be utilized on any of your scheduled or emergency projects.

  • Pipe Fabrication & Installation  
  • Structural Fabrication & Installation  
  • Concrete Installation
  • Equipment Installation
  • Project Management